Yas With Love

Yas With Love is a unique brand creating fun greeting cards featuring Yasmin’s own little characters. Based in the trendy Notting Hill area of London the brand epitomises the creativeness and quirkiness of this great city.

Yasmin’s first foray into illustrating was on children’s books and she quickly realised that her character based artwork could be used for a variety of other creative outlets including greeting cards: Made with Love by Yasmin was born.

Made with Love by Yasmin (the brand’s original name) began with a range of beautiful handmade cards. Inspired by her own pooch Chilli the Chihuahua, Yasmin soon created a series of cards featuring her cute little dog characters. Yasmin now collaborates with The Retired Greyhound Trust creating bespoke greeting cards for their charity.

More and more characters are joining the Yas With Love range including the brand new “Girlie Girls” cards featuring all of your best friends!

The creative possibilities are endless! Many new exciting projects are taking shape including a long awaited illustrated book.

We hope you enjoy our collection!

Meet Yasmin El-Saie