• anthony-celebrate-card-2anthony-celebration-card

    Anthony Celebration Card

    Anthony Spider is the cutest and least threatening spider you will ever meet! His long dangling legs are always on the go. Anthony is Fuzzy Wuzzy’s best friend. Even though they are very different creatures their friendship has a deep emotional bond. You see Anthony took Fuzzy Wuzzy in when he had lost his home. Anthony is the best friend in the world!


    So when you see little Anthony on one of our cards you’ll know exactly who to send it to.

  • chilli-chihuahua-card-2chilli-chihuahua-card

    Chilli Chihuahua Card

    Chilli is Yasmin’s beloved companion! He is a very cute and charming Chihuahua who is always at her side. Chilli loves exploring and seeing new things. He’s so adorable that everyone justs wants to kiss and pinch him!

    He really is the cutest and everyone from a little girl to a tough man will go potty!

  • fw-celebration-card-2fuzzy-wuzzy-celebration

    Fuzzy Wuzzy Celebration Card

    Fuzzy Wuzzy and Rainbow are tiny fluffs who tell their own unique love story! We all know what it feels like to be alone and miss someone. So let’s rejoice and celebrate when we are with the one we love.


    Fuzzy Wuzzy reminds us to never give up looking for love and once its found to embrace it.


    The fluffs are in love. They have that innocent and pure love we all wish for.


  • wedding-stars-squarewedding-stars-2a

    Wedding Stars Card

    The perfect card to celebrate a wedding! Sparkly hand glued stars and diamanté adorn the special message. A unique handmade wedding card.